Sunday, December 5, 2010

RUGBY FOR HEROES 2011 Calendar

It's with a relief to know that they produced one this year. I feel a sort of fatherly concern to these naked calendars, I feel disappointed when suddenly they disappear the next year. The 2011 calendar feature senior squad players from English Rugby clubs Bath, Gloucester, Leicester, London Irish & Wasps, dropping their kits to help in a good cause- "raise money to support members of the Armed Forces who have life & career-threatening injuries & are now looking to embark on a new career". The cover is sexy Anthony Allen of Leicester.

One thing I love about English Rugby is that social phenomenon they call "Ladies' Nights" where athletes would dance a la Chippendale (or often, Full Monty) to entertain an exclusively female audience, all for a good cause. The naked calendars are a natural offshoot, & this time, it gave the men who admire men a chance to partake of the fun. I don't begrudge the ladies, in fact, they make the whole thing hotter. I treat women as my Genuineness Certificate & a straight dude made hot by dropping his kit in front of a lady is simply hotter. This calendar is mainly an enterprise endorsed by women & I don't have to open the cover to feel the raging testosterone of the naked Rugby lads inside.

Help in their good cause here

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