Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NO MORE DOG DAYS: Joel Monaghan Signs With Warrington Wolves

You may remember the Aussie rugby player who resigned from Canberra Raiders after a mini-storm developed when a picture of him being given a blow-job by a dog spread throughout the Internet ( read here ). Well, delicious things just came his way. The Super League team whose players have a penchant for posing naked in calendars just snapped him up (read here). That means we have something to look forward to at the end of next year. I see him doing the pose below of his brother, Michael (who currently plays for Warrington). But without the golf club.

Btw, if I were the owner of the Wolves, I would seriously consider doing my own calendar. Warrington has a deeper bench of beautiful people than Stade Francais. Even with the imminent transfer of sexy Richard Mathers to Castleford, enough beef remains. Joel's arrival just raised the hot testosterone level.

I've written a series of articles about the Joel Monaghan's Dog affair, read them here.

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