Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Break

We'll have a holiday break for a few days. It has been a fruitful year for this blog. No gimmicks to increase pageviews, no contrived linkages nor advertisements to increase traffic. I wrote what I thought was delicious, no pretense at all to cater to the tasteless & the simple-minded. I just let the blog work its wonders by itself, &, well, it really worked wonders by itself. Gratifying to know delicious is alive. Merry Christmas & Delicious New Year, everybody!!!

Thanks for making this blog the biggest Sports Beefcake blog in the web!

Just to spread the good feeling, below is a new advert of the French National Rugby Team, popularly known as XV de France. Three of the cute players there are in their full glory in the preceding post (see, showing dick is profitable, you get lots of ad projects).

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