Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GODS OF WRESTLING: Andrea Minguzzi of Italy

Andrea looks like a cute big baby. He's still as cute as his baby picture. That is, before your eyes have given his hunky body a once-over. His big bulge can never be that of a baby. A boyish charm in a body exploding with sex appeal is always a deadly combination, one which this blog won't miss. The 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist in Greco-Roman Wrestling is your typical Italian stallion- looks deliciously filling. He's from Emilia Romagna, just beside Tuscany. Here comes again my little discoveries: I've sucked so many Italian straight guys but I never sucked one in Bologna, Andrea's hometown. In fact, I've never visited the place. I always judge a place by the taste of its straight boys. Andrea looks delicious, Bologna must be a great place.

celebrating straight boy Andrea:


Gold Medal

Golden Boy

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