Monday, December 6, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Luigi Pieroni of Standard Liege, Belgian Pro League

This 6'1" Belgian hottie just made history- his crown jewel is the first Belgian junk I ever saw. Now I know why I keep on plodding with this blog though it feels like a burden at times- I'm making this little discoveries which may lead to really delicious things. I've tasted so many French, Dutch & German dicks but I haven't tasted a Belgian. It would never really have occurred to me if I didn't discover the picture of Luigi's dick. Belgium is so small that I forgot there's a country even smaller beside the Netherlands. Well, I've gone to Antwerp but a cute Dutch straight guy was with me. Hmm, will it first be a Walloon or a Flemish? Luigi is from Liege, a Walloon. His queue looks delicious. Life really is but a non-stop parade of delicious straight men with delicious queues...

Wait, he's raising his arms, he's signalling you to slow down...

If you have a heart condition, this is the place where you should log off. I'm warning you-

It's delicious!

celebrating straight boy Luigi:



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