Thursday, December 16, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Guti of Besiktas, Super Lig, Part 1

Frankly, I hate Real Madrid. Raul & Guti served their whole professional careers in the club but were left out when Real developed this delusion it wanna be a champion at all cost & started snapping all those expensive players. Fortunately, it's still stuck in its delusion & playing second fiddle to Barcelona despite the holes in its bank account. I'm not superstitious but I guess there must be a karma at work here. Guti (real name: Jose Maria Gutierrez Hernandez), a true blue Madrileno, is now playing for Besiktas in the Turkish Super Lig (he played for Real Madrid since 1994 up to early this year). One of the pretty boys of Spanish futbol, his time has come to grace our horny pages. This is also to celebrate the delicious fact that Real Madrid hasn't made headway in 2010.


Cool, who do you think we are? Sad people? Go to Part 2.

celebrating straight boy Guti:



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