Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona, La Liga

Two very popular Spanish players in a row. Yesterday, David Villa. Today, his teammate in FC Barcelona. 6'3" & only 23 years old. I liked him better when he had a longer hair, he needlessly matured in his present hairdo but I've seen how spectacular the guy looked if he just stopped being fussy with his hair so I can't afford to ignore him now. Besides, there's a special request for him. It's Christmas time so I'm just being generous. How can I afford not too? The request came from our most avid British contributor, Phil, our businessman from Portsmouth. I thought he was only into Rugby & Olly Barkely after Portsmouth FC got bankrupt but you never can tell how things go with horny British men. I bet he's now on his way to a nice cruising for the holidays in Costa del Sol. Advanced Merry Christmas, Phil. Olly Barkely & Gerard Pique. Nice taste, mate.

celebrating straight boy Gerard:

luscious lips


all goals

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