Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: David Villa of FC Barcelona, La Liga

I mentioned before that some readers email names of athletes that they want to be featured here. As expected, though this blog started as mainly about Rugby players & still is, the most requested are soccer players. In fact, this blog skyrocketed during the World Cup soccer finals & though its popularity is maintained (I think) by the propensity of ruggers to be photographed naked (remember our original motto it's the dicks, stupid!), it's best to mix up the two. I myself have an eclectic taste- I love the long & lean like the soccer players, but I also love the big & bulky like the ruggers. I may prefer as partner in bed the long, lean muscular types because they usually have bigger & longer dicks (the long closure of the epyphyseal plates means longer time for the male hormones to act on the genitals as well so tall, lanky men, more often than not, have bigger & longer dicks) but I am not impervious to the in-your-face man mountains of Rugby either. It's not an either-or situation. Delicious straight men will always be delicious whatever they play.

Surprisingly, lots of requests for Spanish futbolistas come from the Premiership country. The lads probably vacation a lot in Spain & they see in David Villa the straight Spanish chabal whom they tried to solicit in the Costa del Sol. David is boyishly cute in a way that you won't know he's already 29 years-old. Enough said. Es la ora de la fiesta. Vamos a ver.

celebrating straight boy David:

Nace de Dentro



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