Sunday, December 19, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Alan Smith of Newcastle United, Barclays Premier League

I wrote that my Argentine friend Juan will marry his girl friend next year & is undergoing sexuality conversion therapy to kill his homosexual desires before then (commonly referred to as Ex-Gay Therapy). I tried to convince him to just copy what my French friend Yves was doing, cruise straight guys with his wife. But Juan is firm in his decision. He read my post (see here) & he joked I can always cruise in Argentina even when he's married, he'll still pay. Until I myself decide to marry too, that is. He tried to convince me instead to join him in his therapy.

That gave me pause. What are my future plans really? 90% of the friends I met five years ago & earlier (who are into men too) have married & have their own children. They've already built real families. All say they won't exchange their families for anything & claim they are happy. They are just like me, all of us see gays as our "sisters" & would rather marry real girls like our real sisters, at least, we'll build real families. I guess decision time is nearing for me. The last girl I did was about 5 months ago when I & the Italian straight guy I solicited then, Marco, double vagged a girl in Florence. I'll be 30 next year. Time to settle down?

I can feel it in my bones I may make some kind of a decision sometime in 2011: will it be Yves' or Juan's way? Either way, I can manage so let's just get to the delicious thing at hand. Well, today, we have Alan, one of the sexy lads of British soccer. He was predicted to be the next David Beckham but somehow his youthful cute looks rapidly matured. That doesn't mean he's not delicious anymore. How can he be? Just look:

celebrating straight boy Alan:


Ripped Shorts


Glycerine- Gavin Rosdale (Bush)

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