Friday, December 3, 2010

GODS OF SKIING: Wolfgang Hörl (Wolfgang Hoerl) of Austria

I am not in favor with the attempts to pull down musculine standards just to accomodate the weaker varieties (especially blind-shooting alleged closet soccer players, the favorite targets). I treat the sexuality spectrum from the viewpoint of a discriminating consumer who knows what he wants- one end is delicious, the other the opposite. An ugly guy isn't bound to hit it off with an ugly girl or guy. Neither should a gay be bound to hit off with another gay guy (why compound whatever perceived misery by not treating yourself with the best things in life?). I have a simple rule: the more genuine the man, the more delicious. I treat a man as a vintage wine. When I sip, I wanna savor the aroma of his manly battles & conquests, the bouquet of the testosterone which stoked the fires of romances with many women, the taste of the sperm sown like wild oats to create cute babies. I wanna suck a groaning real man. If somebody has the stomach to suck a writhing muscle diva, good luck to him.

Well, one real man is Wolfgang Hörl (or, Hoerl). A vintage wine from Austria, just by looking at his pictures, you can smell the aroma of his manly conquests. That brings to mind I haven't tasted an Austrian. Would it taste like a German, Dutch, Swiss? Hmm, another mystery to uncover. Thanks to Harald who sent in photos to get us interested with Austrian men like Wolfgang. 6.07', the 27 year old Wolfgang Hoerl is a delicious bumper harvest.

celebrating straight boy Wolfgang:



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