Thursday, December 9, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Richie McCaw of Crusaders, Super League

You've read about my Argentine friend Juan, the one who provided us with the top-class heterosexual buffet in BsAS & Punta. The guy is marrying his girlfriend next year. He visited recently on his way from an ex-gay therapy session somewhere in the West. He apparently wants to weaken all homosexual desires before then. Danger, it appears I will lose my classiest connection to South American heterosexual beef next year. I told him he could just be like my French friend Yves- convince his wife they just hunt straight guys together to spice up their marriage. Most of my other friends who had ex-gay therapies did it only after they decided to exclusively solicit straight guys. Why? They wanted an alibi so they could cut off from their old outed gay friends who knew their secrets & live a new life of men who are exclusively into straight men. After "coming out" when they were young & penniless, they "went back in" when they had the money to fund a new sex life with the straight men they really wanted all along. They were stupid in the first place, why did they have to come out when they were totally normal-looking? Who says you have to come out to have nice homosexual sex with straight men? Well, at least, they went back in (lol).

The pains of not having strong stomachs...

6'1", the 29 year-old was chosen the Rugby Player of the Year by the International Rugby Board three times. A real man, you don't need a strong stomach to suck him. He's delicious from head to toe.

celebrating straight boy Richie:



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