Friday, December 10, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Richard Mathers of Castleford Tigers (2011), Super League

What if, one morning, all the ugly people suddenly woke up & thought they wanted equality with the beautiful people too? You're not supposed to reject an employee on the basis of personal appearance or they would be insisting you violated their rights, they're offended & you should apologize so a cross-eyed lady had as much right to play Scarlett O'Hara in the remake of "Gone With The Wind" as the blonde bimbo who got the part after fucking the producer. It will be a movement with real power because there are far more suffering ugly people on earth so it really will have political leverage & not a mere delusion or wishful thinking like some movements. Some would be petitioning this blogger to feature ugly athletes too because I'm offending them for not giving the world the chance to appreciate ugliness. A rejected ugly suitor would be suing a beautiful lady for discrimination. Some nut would be insisting an ugly person who won't marry another ugly person is a "self hating bigot". At some point, the simple-minded uglies would even start suddenly seeing each other beautiful & the beautiful ones the real uglies.

A delusionary phase is common to all movements which try to initiate a sea change in the operative social norms. But just like the Communists who considered their rations as utopia as they raced to control the world, there's bound to be a point of clarity, or awakening, if you may (or, even reckoning), to all delusions. If the Communists brought down the walls of the Iron Curtain in a collective return to reality, the uglies would probably wake up one morning & just suddenly shriek at the same time when they opened their eyes & saw each other's faces.

What about those in the other fledgling movements, especially those who steeled their stomachs to suck a writhing muscle diva just so they won't be labeled "self-hating bigots" by other queers? Imagine, suddenly one day, all the controlled gag reflexes simultaneously giving way.

Well, one who won't require a strong stomach to suck is this 6', 27 year-old Englishman who's so straight & delicious I may develop paranoid delusions if we don't look at his sexy pictures right now.

celebrating straight boy Ritchie :


sent off

high tackle

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