Wednesday, December 1, 2010

GODS OF FOOTBALL: Jordan Shipley of Cincinnati Bengals, NFL

I heard somewhere he sings well so I asked the tranny to trawl for a video of Jordan Shipley singing. She submitted promptly the url & I immediately checked it out. He did sing well but what struck me most was the Comments section. I read there one of the funniest one-liners I've read this month, about somebody accusing somebody of having "the intelligence level of a bag of chips". Genius. I always knew it, it's American sense of humor that keeps everybody look over the real scourge of Football- those Darth Vader helmets & shoulder pads, they destroy the view. They should cut the tights a little shorter too. Come on, where are the pop-outs? No dacking, either. I need to see handsome faces, some popping dickheads, some real buns glistening in the spotlights. So many delicious things missing. Thank God for small mercies, like the butt of Jordan Shipley. Yeah, nicely contoured, but still clothed. But I better stop here, I don't know where this rant is leading to. We have nice photos of Jordan Shipley so we might as well see that butt. Pronto!

celebrating straight boy Jordan:

Fishing with Colt McCoy

He sings


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