Sunday, December 12, 2010

GODS OF CRICKET: Ben Hilfenhaus of Australia

You have to admire the Aussies. Sexy straight mates are dime a dozen. I like that some of the sexy ones became Cricket players. Like this 6'1" 27 year-old Tasmanian. The cricketers are mostly demure though. They have done two calendars so far but I never saw anybody dropping his briefs yet. How hard could that be? Just a little pull & you're done. Aussies are experts in stripping mountains, as I often rant here. How harder could it be to strip Cricket players like Ben Hilfenhaus?

He appeared in both calendars but he was only shirtless in both (Darn!). If one of those Australian mining companies stripped this one, they'd find a big iron ore. We love big iron ores. Ben Hilfenhaus is one delicious iron ore. Yeah!

celebrating straight boy Ben:



8 wickets

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