Saturday, December 4, 2010

For A Few More Inches Of David Williams: SPOT THE DIFFERENCE

Many people are now joining the fun. This one came from Robert, our eagle eye who uncovered the mystery of Nick Youngquest's bits. You really should have an eagle-eye to decipher some very delicious mysteries. Especially calendar photo crop lines. Remember this one ? Well, the story hasn't ended yet. The "Going, going, gone..." is going full reverse & we know where that will end. The Holy Grail.

As you can see, the sulcus where the corona of David's dick starts is very clear in this photo. The crop was a full-inch lower. It's very near, Robert. Hang on tight, mate. Take care of your eyes, now you know it pays to take care of your eyesight.

Publishing frontals (especially full) is an art. As I mentioned before, this blog is just the publicly accessible portion of my collection. It means I have far more than I'm showing. Photographers or producers in each countries have their own intimate mini-circles & I usually have friends who have access to most. Plus I often receive pics sent here by people I don't know but with requests I don't publish them. Many of the friendships I developed in this blog arose because of our common interests in full-frontal pictures. I follow a simple rule: I'd publish if the pic was already published somewhere else, or part of a video or film that was publicly released, or if not, if I received it with no request to keep it private. Otherwise, I won't break the trust. I'm not worried of the athlete per se because I don't think he himself believed he can control things after letting himself photographed naked. Generally, it basically served his exhibitionistic tendencies, or fetishes if you may. It was fun doing it, it will be fun knowing many people see it after the initial howl, if ever. Actually, the level of public nudity has been raised so high it's bound to be forgotten easily if it was a mere cockshot. Anybody even remember of Thom Evans nowadays except the diehards? I'm more considerate with the person who sent me the pic because I know he'll send more (lol).

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  1. the picture is circulating i assure you. when i can site u the site...i'll be sure to let you know. kudos...just luv this site man.