Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Dicks of December, 2010 (& Some Thoughts For The New Year)

1. Benjamin Kayser, France- Rugby
2. Michael Robertson, Australia-Rugby
3. David Williams, Australia- Rugby

We're still in our holiday break (the poster asked for a two-week leave) but I received so many emails from friends asking me if I'd still be continuing with this blog. Apparently, they caught something from a previous post (read here). Will I join Juan in his Ex-gay therapy session? I'll think about it after the holidays. Actually, up to now, I'm comfortable with my current role as benefactor of cute straight guys. I enjoy helping needy cute straight guys especially if they have big cocks. I can do that even if I'll have a family & nice kids. Yves call it having the best of both worlds. Some gays who are envious call it "living a lie" but only because they couldn't do it. It's far less miserable than sucking a muscle diva until you're old & delude yourself it's a marriage (lol).

I'm specially touched by a letter by Peter from Chicago. He says this blog is the only one presenting the viewpoint of a"normal-looking gay who doesn't find a need to come out & doesn't consider his sexuality an issue" so "please don't stop". I like that you used my word:"normal-looking", I thought I'm the only one using that. I don't use "straight-acting" because most gays (there are more normal-looking than congenitally outed) are straight in everything except in their sexual attraction to males. They don't have to act straight (modulating their voice, making rigid their wrists, etc). The latter are what the French call "Cyrils", they act straight but everybody knows they're gay. The Cyrils are the ones we usually read coming out because it's hard to modulate your voice & make rigid your wrist forever.

One wrote I should join the tightly-knit gay community. Has it ever occurred to anybody that the prime reason why most normal-looking gays don't come out is not because they fear the censure of society but because they can't see themselves as part of the prevailing culture of the outed community? Go figure.

Great, I received about 7 "gifts" of paid sex with some amateur porn models from some generous friends. Apparently, because I wrote I patronize straight guy sites. Actually, from the 10 sites I used to subscribe to, I'm down to two as 2011 arrives: Belami & Corbinfisher. George Duroy is an icon for straight-guy lovers, & I love his barebacking cuties. I also love the guys of CF who fuck each other then fuck a woman afterwards. I love especially the Bi Tag videos where they also do bareback. Chaosmen's serviced videos were my guide in servicing my straight boys but he's been assigning that job to less experienced models, it's just not as hot. Activeduty I dropped since they transferred to San Diego, something just doesn't feel right I can't put my finger into but I lost interest. Seancody's models aren't hot enough, I found only one appealing in the last year. Nextdoor I dropped long ago since they gave MasonWyler a site. Etc. Enough of the reviews. So what about the porn model gifts? Actually, I love watching straight all-male porn models have sex but I don't have the interest to have sex with them. It makes me guilty sometimes: these guys entertain me with their daring but I am left thinking afterwards what kind of guys would let themselves be fucked on camera where millions could see them? Kinda yucky, like having sex with the cheap Gavin Henson. Once, a friend from San Francisco called up & told me he knew a fashion model who was an athlete, he could set us up. I told him to send the picture. I recognized him immediately, I saw him bottom more than a couple of times in a website. I loved watching him bottom on the screen but I couldn't summon an iota of urge to even meet him. Sad, I doubt if he could've earned from all his bottoming online what I would've given him because he was really cute. Same thing happened with a friend who saw a picture of a model he thought was right for his project. He instructed an associate in Colorado to contact the guy but he was warned the guy was a gay porn model in a site. My friend is not into porn so he asked me. Oh, I knew the model, he's my favorite bottom artist. Again, I doubt if the young guy could earn bottoming for a decade what he could've earned from that project. These guys are marked for life ( in HD yet), & despite wishful thinking & gritting determination, this early in their young lives, they're already fated forever to the fringes. It's down to figuring out one's self-worth. Has it not occurred to the really good-looking ones they had a greater control of their destiny if they just searched harder for a right sponsor like Greg or Ewan? Ewan just bought his latest lollipop a Maserati & the guy can still hope to be a politician.

Life's endless mysteries. Or miseries...

Happy New Year, everyone!

4. Nick Youngquest, Australia- Rugby
5. Julian Hans, France- Rugby
6. Vincent Clerc, France- Rugby
7. Maxime Medard, France- Rugby
8. Steeve Guenot, France- Wrestling
9. Pierre-Alain Negre-Gauthier, France- Rugby
10. Jonny Wilkinson, England- Rugby
11. Colt McCoy, US- Football
12. Guti, Spain- Soccer
13. Luigi Pieroni, Belgium- Soccer
14. Roque Santacruz, Paraguay- Soccer
16. Giorgios Samaras, Greece- Soccer
18. Tom May, England- Rugby
19. Rene Adler, Germany- Soccer
20. Jordan Shipley, US- Football

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Break

We'll have a holiday break for a few days. It has been a fruitful year for this blog. No gimmicks to increase pageviews, no contrived linkages nor advertisements to increase traffic. I wrote what I thought was delicious, no pretense at all to cater to the tasteless & the simple-minded. I just let the blog work its wonders by itself, &, well, it really worked wonders by itself. Gratifying to know delicious is alive. Merry Christmas & Delicious New Year, everybody!!!

Thanks for making this blog the biggest Sports Beefcake blog in the web!

Just to spread the good feeling, below is a new advert of the French National Rugby Team, popularly known as XV de France. Three of the cute players there are in their full glory in the preceding post (see, showing dick is profitable, you get lots of ad projects).

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Joyeux Noël!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

GODS OF NASCAR: Carl Edwards of the US

We've featured so many naked calendars of sexy British sportsmen we just have to insert a sexy American here. Shirtless only but no less sexy. Less exciting, true, but that's the point- highlight the gulf of the excitement levels between the two sides of the Atlantic. We're supposed to get excited watching sexy Carl Edwards' chest. Well, I'm excited, though I would have preferred he has lost his pants as well. America produces the most porn, 50% of the world's porn is consumed in the good old USA, but a shirtless pic is still expected to be exciting. Yeah, I know, life's endless ironies...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

celebrating straight boy Carl:



From my collection of old gems:

Til I hear It From You- Gin Blossoms