Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Sexy Brothers Monaghan

Why are so many sexy ruggers getting out of Australia? And why are they all flocking to the comparatively tiny Super League (at least, compared to NRL & AFL) ? Is it because the ruggers of Super League are fond of posing naked for some locally circulated calendars & they can't indulge in that kind of fetish back home? Sexy Michael Monaghan did pose almost immediately upon his transfer to the Warrington Wolves, appearing in his birthday suit together with fellow teammates Richie Myler & Ben Harrison (see pic below). Lucky trees.

Well, after the infamous but delicious story with the dog ( read here ), his just as sexy brother Joel has quit Canberra Raiders & has set his sights on Super League. Good, I may yet see what was blocked in the photograph by the mouth of the dog.

Joel quits the Canberra Raiders

Gee, these two brothers are really sexy. Joel, for one, looks so good & sounds so sexy it seems foolish losing him over a dog...

More of Michael & his teammates in the preceding post about the Naked Calendar of the Warrington Wolves.

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