Friday, November 5, 2010

GODS OF SWIMMING: Ryan Lochte, The Return

We've featured Ryan before (see here ). That was the time when we were just perfunctorily posting articles just to have something to post. Now that we can safely say we have become the largest Sports Beefcake blog in the Web, we're revisiting some of the athletes we've featured whose articles don't stand up to our current standards.

This blog is practically a mini-media concern, with staff members each with a particular function: a researcher, a poster, an assistant to the poster (he needed help because we've been publishing multiple times a day lately) & a Chief Taste Officer, me. I intended this blog as a temporary prank to pass off the time in a rained out vacation but since then it never ceased to amaze me. I actually started monitoring the traffic & it's really rising fast, zipping past sites which I can remember I've read many years ago. Not even a year since we started posting regularly & less than two months since we started publishing daily, it's now one of the most read blogs in the American gay blogsphere (but crosses gender lines in some countries). I really didn't have a definite plan for it, I thought I'll just stop when I get tired. I never thought of it as a money-making scheme. I definitely can't let paper or byte trail from a beefcake blog lead to me or I'll be "outed" in no time (a prima facie evidence one can't deny). I've long ago given the poster the right to sell ads if he wanted to (he's in another continent anyway) because he's been doing his job gratis since the beginning but he declined any payback. So far. The other day, he called me up & asked, would it be ok to me if he sold ads & porn site links would start appearing in the blog? I actually laughed. So he's not Mr. Meek Straight Boy after all. I just replied as long as the design doesn't clash with the blog's look & theme. And as long as his advertiser doesn't meddle with the editorial independence of the blog.

Time to make action plans. I told the tranny she must train some more in Photoshop. & I should stop referring to this as "my" blog once & for all. We can publish 3-4 posts per day because my friends have become eager contributors. So, I updated the profile. Posts now come from Juan, Yves, Rene, Ewan, Tom, Tomasso & Hans. I'll add Madrid there when Cono starts contributing.

Anyway, Ryan is still as sexy as ever. We shouldn't lack of photos to gawk at when a swimmer is as sexy as Ryan Lochte.

celebrating straight boy Ryan:

backstroke technique


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