Friday, November 12, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Stefan Postma, Beyond The Strap-on

Remember Stefan Postma, the 6'7" Dutch goalkeeper who gained notoriety because of a pegging video he did with his former wife? We have written interesting articles on him before, see his folder here . He was injured in a game when he was still with ADO Den Haag & was subsequently operated. Then he appeared in a Dutch TV show wearing only a towel to show his surgical sutures. The camera work was interesting- it practically romanced the guy as it documented the hairs & crevices from head to toe.

Nice to know that the first soccer player to be filmed fucked by a strap-on is still hot enough to be fucked again by a strap-on.

The Video (in Dutch) Below: Hairy, & Yes, Sexy Actually, Though Bit Flabby From The Inactivity of Post-Surgical Convalescence


Postma een dildo in je kontje! Je ster is nu een rondje! Je bent een homofiel!


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