Thursday, November 18, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Michael Dawson of Tottenham Hotspur, Barclays Premier League

It turned out I kinda love writing. It's a bit unfortunate I can do it only in stolen moments from my busy schedule but I realize now I'm actually enjoying it. Out of habit, I read & think in a particular language per day: Dutch on Mondays, French on Tuesdays, German on Wednesdays, Spanish on Thursdays, Italian on Fridays, Portuguese on Saturdays & English on Sundays. It's reflected in my articles. Dutch has a particular word order (like German) where they have a certain "time-manner-place" placement of words between the subject & the predicate. The other languages have their own quirks which can not be immediately checked consciously if your mindset is adjusted to a particular language for that day. I've reread some of the articles & I actually can guess if that post was written on a Monday, Tuesday, etc. As to English, it could even vary at times even on Sundays. Now, there are times when out of impulse I just fly to London, meet my friend Ewan, have a good time with some straight lads then take the red-eye home. If I immediately wrote an article, I'd be using bloke or lad instead of dude. I just wrote ten articles now (my assistants have already drafted 100 posts, well up to next year, so I have to catch up), a Sunday, but I just had a red-eye from Paris where I was socially conversing in French but read O Globo for my news & analysed the current events for the day in Portuguese. I'm still rewinding in my mind the French interlude with Renaud & here I am writing English in an English day. Everything is automatic though at times there's a tad second delay in the rebridging between the linguistic neurons in my brain as I change time zones.

Small world after all.

So I'm writing now about a 6'3" delicious British soccer player who is a heartthrob to many. There are still lingering French undercurrents in my system, & when I'm in a French mood, there's always a certain level of horniness in the air. Michael is particularly sexy, especially that we get to see a very delicious thing today. I've also chosen various poses of Michael in action so we can appreciate the muscles of his thighs, his bulge & his butt from all angles. Explosion of the senses. No need for words- it's a Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, English, or whatever language, day.

See, I told you it's delicious! Let's peep again...

celebrating straight boy Michael:


vs. Ronaldo

Fragile- Sting

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