Thursday, November 25, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Florian Fritz of Stade Toulousain, Top 14

I'm often asked by friends who form the core readership of this blog where do our articles come from. Believe it or not, mostly sent here by readers who are apparently fans of the athletes & , of course, from my other friends: some just suggest names but a big part send zip files of photos. One sent Rapishare links of a 500 mb file of photographs which we are now serializing under the "Joys of a Straight Man" label (He deleted the links after we downloaded it). I can afford to post 6 articles a day but it would dilute too much the impact of the main article (which I call Main Featured Athlete of the Day). I don't know if it's good or bad (I have a researcher anyway) because it would make me guilty to stop now when so many have a stake in it. Actually, my only job now is to think of a hook on how to present the athletes, aside from the texts, of course. Not that I'm complaining so far. Just last week, I received my first financial benefit from this blog: I had a bet with a friend from New York that the readership would never get pass a ranking of so-&-so. It did & I won enough money to finance my next two cockhunts. Btw, a frequent question from my nosy friends: how about the ads (they dote on the poster)? I asked the poster how he's faring? He replied he forgot about it already because when he checked the first week, he was only earning $1 a day. He offered to remove them but I just told him to let them stay. I actually have a little game with them: we often see a gay-dating site in the left middle sidebar & a girl-dating site in the footer so it became my gauge on the sexuality nuances of my readers. For your info: out of 410,000 pageviews for the last 3 weeks (Google Analytics; 445,000 for Statcounter), only 69 clicked the middle sidebar but 112 the footer (out of 183,000 unique readers, Google; 210,000, Statcounter). The readership profile is mostly college graduate (or graduate student) so must have the mental capacity & income to pursue & fund his predilections (which straight guy lovers must have, especially the funds). 51-61% of the readers are in the US. Make your own conclusions .

Hmm, now comes the delicious part...

As we wrote before, we have set a higher standard for nudity when it comes to French athletes- we don't take it seriously if at least bits of their genitals weren't seen. This 6'1" 26 year-old former national player may not have bothered to appear in any of the Dieux du Stade naked photoshoots but Florian Fritz doesn't play by half-measures. He goes all the way. Not bits, not partial, but full. Our kind of a straight man.

Ok, enough said, let's look...

Slow down...

Take a deep breath...


celebrating straight boy Florian:

the video



Negatif- Benjamin Biolay


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