Saturday, November 20, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Rob Kearney of Leinster, Magners League

Early this year, I wrote that most of the beautiful players of Magners League are found in Wales. A few reacted swiftly (mostly Irish readers- obviously- plus a few Scots) & sent pictures of some athletes & challenged me to find better-looking ones in Wales. To tell you the truth, some are better-looking than some of the actors loitering in Beverly Hills. There were a few common names in the emails: Donncha O'Callaghan (I've featured him here ), a few more which I'll feature shortly , and then this one- Robert Kearney. I'm not making mea culpas, but I have to confess that it appears now that my two biggest crushes nowadays are both Irish- one is Robert & the other one I'll post later on, suspense. Robert is the voluptuous one, the other one is matinee idol cute. They have the height, the butt, the body, the face, the right voice, the skills. It took a bit of time collecting suitable photos but it's all worth it. I actually opened a bottle of champagne when Rob's naked picture arrived. Simply magnificent! I haven't seen him (& the other one) play so I'll definitely watch in person the Irish dudes' games one of these days. Leinster & Ospreys ( there, a clue).

6'1" tall, this 24 year-old is prime Irish beef at its sexiest. If you're looking for the definition of a hot & delicious straight man, it's spelled Robert Kearney...

celebrating straight boy Rob:



With Or Without You- U2

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