Friday, November 19, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Peter Fox of Hull Kingston Rovers, Super League

A cute boyish face in a massively muscular body is always a delicious proposition but I've been very strict with checking the voices of the guys we feature here lately. We must have an interview video at least but we couldn't find any of the sexy 6-foot 26 year-old Peter. Well, my friend Ewan came into the rescue. He's a Scot who is in London most of the time but he's a rugby league fanatic & he regularly visits Yorkshire. He claimed he has heard Peter Fox speak in a social affair. He can vouch that Peter sounds like one of the cute straight lads we solicited in a London bar one time. That's enough to mollify me. In fact, more than enough- it made me horny. You will too. You see the wonderful butt of Peter in the top photo? Well, it won't be a mystery for long, and I'm telling you now, it's delicious...


Nope. We don't cover delicious things here...

...Well, except the most delicious part, that is (LOL) but we promised only the butt, didn't we?

celebrating straight boy Peter:



4 Nations

It's Probably Me- Sting

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