Sunday, November 21, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Mike Phillips of Ospreys, Magners League

We know first-hand that British straight boys play. Second to the Italians in Europe, they're the easiest to cajole but Britain isn't really a place to stay for two week hunts so we limit our forays into short red-eye trips (Britons themselves love to get out as soon as they can). So we weren't surprised when Gavin Henson kissed a gay judge in a dance show he was competing in. Neither were we surprised that he did it in public. The guy is obviously ambitious, he's been cultivating the gay audience for his agenda for so long, vying at one time even with David Beckham for the attention. But he's not photogenic enough for his ambitions though. And not too wise. There's always a downside to trying too hard. There's a reason why you know it would be easier & cheaper to get a prostitute whom you could pay for the hour but you still would prefer paying a premium to a sexy straight jock you met in a soccer field. The eww factor. Henson innocently played to the low-brow segment of the gay population & this blog doesn't belong there. The core readership of this blog are used to having straight men of higher standards & one suggested Gavin Henson doesn't belong here. I agree. I think he has become too cheap for our taste so I deleted the two posts I did for him. We have a new Welsh here to replace him with- much sexier, Mike Phillips.

There's a smoldering rivalry between these two Welsh rugby players. If Henson had his singer, former wife, Charlotte Church, Mike has his own, his current girlfriend, Duffy. The 6'3" 28 year-old Mike should up the ante & take the homerun to the next level- Henson in all his ickiness just recently posed naked but covered the critical parts. Mike should have none of those irrelevant modesties & go all out- just like a sexy son of a true Welsh farmer should. They don't wear speedos when they jump into a creek in the farms, do they?

Mike & girl friend, singer Duffy

celebrating not-icky-at-all straight boy Mike:




made pretty

Just to remind us of the power of Mike Phillips: just knowing that she gets to bed the sexy dude made this song of Duffy so sexy. I get a hard-on listening to it. True.

Mercy- Duffy

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