Friday, November 12, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Michael Osborne of Hawthorn, AFL

One of the most delicious mates from Gods of Football 2009. He was one of the most uninhibited, & you could actually feel he's been having fun while the camera kept on panning & re-panning over his bulge that I thought he would go all-out for the next installment of what turned out to be a stillborn (?) series of naked Aussie footy players. I just wish they don't stop thinking about "charity works" over there: as long as the "charitable" spirit is there, someone will always find a way to sweet-talk the sexy players into disrobing & do something noble (& delicious) for humanity.

Advice: perhaps, stay away from Female Breast Cancer next time. Look at the British, they hit the nail on its head: Testicular Cancer Awareness. How about Prostate Cancer Awareness for Australia? Or Urethral Cancer Awareness? Go right to the point: Penile Cancer Awareness?

From Gods of Football 2009:

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  1. Australian Rules Football (AFL) IS NOT RUGBY! Rugby is an English game. Australian Rules Football - well, do I have to point out the obvious? It was invented long before rugby, or soccer for that matter. You don't need skill to play rugby; even fat blokes play it. Soccer and AFL require athleticism.