Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Luke Burgess of New South Wales Waratahs, Super 14 (Super Rugby)

If rugby league has David Williams, rugby union has Luke Burgess. While David has already shown us half of his penis, Luke isn't above showing us his anatomy either though he hasn't gone beyond strutting in speedos... yet. Perhaps if he's given a chance he may yet surpass David's performance. There are many sexy mates in the Wallabies, I wonder why they don't do some sexy charity works. Seriously, why did they stop producing naked calendars in Australia? Come on, mates, Australia is a resources superpower but you're not putting precious sexy natural resources into good use. If Rio Tinto can strip mountains to get to the iron ore, how much would it be harder to strip Luke Burgess? (I'm joking, Luke, lol)

celebrating straight boy Luke:


Wallaby New Generation

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