Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Luke Burgess of Leeds Rhinos, Super League

If Australia has a Luke Burgess (which we featured yesterday, see here ), Britain has its own as well. Curious, the two practically have the same body type, bone structure, facial features & if you mix up their pictures, you're bound to mistake one for the other. I decided to feature them consecutively to make sure I identified the right pictures.

If the Luke Burgess of Australia has no qualms displaying his anatomy, Britain's Luke Burgess is just as nonchalant. That means it's gonna be delicious reading once again. Rugby league in Northern England is full of delicious lads & Luke Burgess is on top of the list. Hollywood handsome, the powerfully built 6'2'' 23 year-old deserves to be celebrated by the bigger world. Ok, what more can I say about him? Uhm, I'm not sure, I keep looking at the picture where he's wearing a skimpy brief & I can only think of that bulge. Lots of superlatives are flying in my mind & I can only think of that bulge!!!

Focus, dammit!!!

Height. Voice. Butt. Body. Eyes. Face. Smile. Crotch. Perfect. Straight boy at its tastiest. There...

celebrating straight boy Luke:


big hit

Scientist- Coldplay

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