Monday, November 22, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Lawrence Dallaglio of England

I just received an email from an Italian reader alleging Alberto Gilardino is gay. I heard the rumors before but they are just that, rumors. Italian gay media in particular, all gay media in general, has this propensity to interview well-known athletes to supposedly get their views on "homosexuality" in sports. Basic PR, the athletes would say the right things to the target audience- "I support gay so & so..." (come on, who wouldn't?). This Gila did. Then as usual came the next question: are there gays in Soccer? Many things come to mind: what's the business of the gay reporter to seek out gay athletes when they don't want to come out? Who is he to pretend his concern when he can't even be his own savior? To pressure the athlete to fight with his fight? Why should the athlete fight with them when he's not miserable? For all they know the athlete isn't even interested in socializing with the reporter & would rather peep at the machos in the locker room. There's this presumption in the bitter outed gay community that a man who is into men should be bitter & miserable like them. This is specially ridiculous in Soccer where the only place for congenitally outed gays are in the stands because do you really expect any one of them will ever pass the grade even in the lowest rung? Or they just wanted to know who is gay so they will feel relief they have a new company in misery? Some use this misery as ticket to ascend moral ivory towers mouthing imagined "rights" but end up only hypocritically infecting others with their misery.

It's simple really. Because if they cared for that gay athlete, they should just leave him alone. Who says he should be miserable like them? The fact is, the effeminate gay reporter is the least thing the closet athlete needs because, as far as sexuality is concerned, the athlete is already in heaven. We had to create a blog to simulate that heaven.

Gila said he didn't know any gay soccer player. Not long after that interview, rumors about Gila started flying. Somebody was bitter as usual. Just ignore.

I see these sexuality issues only as a case of Diabetes. When you're diabetic, stay away from the sugar. When you're a congenitally outed gay, you should know your place, definitely not in the locker room. The normal-looking gay athletes don't need you to save them there. The problem isn't homosexual sex (which is supposed to be the fight) because it's available, even with straight men. The problem is the bitter outed gay men who pretend everybody who's attracted to men SHOULD BE miserable like them.

Of course this issue is moot because there are not that many stupid normal-looking gay athletes.They know they will only be used by miserable dreamers. Human rights is not the issue here, it's the recruitment of others to a collective misery.

This is true not only in sports but in life in general. Some outed gays wishfully presume those who find it unnecessary to come out SHOULD BE miserable like them & make it appear not coming out is a miserable existence. Really? Most men who are into men don't bother coming out because their lives are delicious.

Well, somebody delicious is Lawrence Dallaglio. The former captain of the England Rugby team certainly left a delicious legacy, enough to make every straight guy-loving men forget any misery, forced or imagined.

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