Friday, November 26, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Dom Waldouck, The Return

Everybody is horny of Dom Waldouck. Imagine you're worshipping Dom Waldouck in your computer in the office, then you go home & suck a limp version of Dom Waldouck in the evening. Love? (Or, just like what my Dutch friend feared, Schizophrenia?) People in the Third World live in dumpsites but they get used to it. People adapt. If you do it enough, the lisping muscle diva in your bedroom will eventually do. Of course, strong stomachs are a must (which I don't have). The Communists fought for economic equality for decades, even rivalled America, they believed their rations were the utopia & they claimed happy tightening their belts for their delusions, then they just collectively woke up one day realizing they've been fooling themselves all along. There are still many poor btw. Sounds familiar?

We've featured Dom before (see here ) but it left us hanging. I always include an interview clip in the Main Featured Athlete of the Day (the headlined one) to give us an idea how the athlete sounds like. Not that I suspect he has a squeak, but just the same, I want to have the complete details in my imagination. I'm specifically particular about the sounds emitted by a guy while I'm sucking him. I always lose erection if I hear false notes. I always get offended, mindful of my human rights to hear only beautiful sounds, I need apologies, I wanna sue, when I don't like the sound.

celebrating straight boy Dom:



1 comment:

  1. He's awesome!!

    But you, you suck!!!

    btw, what is this fucking blog all about? Do you really want everybody who "read" this to believe that you really "became" straight "again"? You are so pathetic!

    Bye, Deer!