Monday, November 15, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: David Skrela of Stade Toulousain, Top 14

A delicious 6'3", the 31 year-old is one of the really beautiful straight sportsmen of France. He's been teasing us a lot by showing his pubic hair & base of penis ONLY in his multiple appearances in the Dieux du Stade series but beautiful things are not meant to be hidden forever. An overeager fan doesn't take kindly to meager pleasures & fortunately he was a TV videographer (or his producer, who knows) so a clip showing David & his big dick taken when a TV crew invaded the Stade Francais locker room was shown on French TV (see clip & screencap below), ostensibly an accidental exposure but, who cares? He's beautiful- in all the delicious places...

celebrating straight boy David:



locker room 1

locker room 2


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