Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Ben Harrison of Warrington Wolves, Super League

How can I be sure a guy I'm hitting on is straight? Simple. Modesty aside, I'm a looker. I cut through a room & like iron filings to a magnet, I can spot those who are sexually attracted to the same sex (I define homosexuality as being sexually attracted to the same gender). When I start a conversation with a sexy guy in a bar counter, a closet case will ultimately be hitting on me fast even before I had my second sip. That always turns me off so there were times when I'd be the one violently resisting his advances instead. I respect my "sisters", I don't get horny with them. We can always talk over beer anything under the sun- except sex with each other.

I can't go wrong with Ben Harrison. I can almost taste he's a real man. I don't "respect" him- I crave him...

This one is really delicious, I think he's ready for Dieux du Stade 2012.

celebrating straight boy Ben:

voice (the fourth one to speak- the other 2 players are hot too- Tony Clubb & Andy Lynch)

Fields of Gold- Sting

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