Saturday, November 20, 2010

GODS OF GYMNASTICS: Szilveszter Csollany of Hungary

It was ahead of its time. In 1993, a naked gymnastics documentary, Gymnastikos, which was billed as a "video equivalent of a high-end coffee table book" was released. It featured 5 young East European gymnasts who were filmed doing their routines in full nudity- it was promoted as an "artful study of human form...". Familiar? It antedated it by a decade but somehow, it was more successful in melding sophisticated artistry & sport nude photography than the later incarnations of the genre like the Dieux du Stade series. Stunning cinematography & inspiring music. I'm not sure how it was marketed then (I was virtually a child at that time) but it's lamentable that its standards were diluted along the way. Nearly two decades of stepping backwards.

One of the 5 young gymnasts featured was a young Hungarian who later became the world champion & Olympic Gold Medalist (Rings, Sydney 2000).

This post is a celebration of Szilveszter Csollany...

celebrating straight Szilveszter:

nude gymnastics

1996 Olympics

2000 Olympics

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