Sunday, November 28, 2010

GODS OF FOOTBALL: Eric Decker of Denver Broncos, NFL

This one is hot, not only because he's really gorgeous. Most of the pictures were sent by a girl & you know already one of my fetishes, a guy hotly pursued by girls is simply zillions hotter (Remember Benjamin Bouhy? Read here ). Especially by a naughty girl like this one who sent a video of herself naked then challenging me if I wanted to do a threesome with her & Eric Decker. Anytime, just produce him. You deserve a nice double vag for your efforts. I'll pay for your plane tickets both. ASAP.

The Broncos got the hottest guys, two of which we've featured already, Brady Quinn & Tim Tebow. The moment of Eric Decker has arrived. Those helmets & shoulder pads really kill the fun but what the heck! 6'3", 217 lbs., 23 years-old- what can I say? I have a nice collection of the swimming & training videos of Eric so it will surely be a delicious day once again.

Guide to photos (mix of collegiate & pro): his number at Minnesota was 7; at Denver, 87

GQ photoshoot (next 4 pics)

celebrating straight boy Eric:



shirtless workout

Top 5 Wide Receiver 2010 Draft

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