Saturday, November 6, 2010

For A Few More Inches Of Olly Barkley: SPOT THE DIFFERENCE

I wanted to laugh but what the heck- its okay. I received an email from Phil from Portsmouth, our Olly Barkely specialist. He said he just found a nude picture of Olly Barkely showing a few more inches of his dick, plus practically showing the balls. Same pic as the calendar, but apparently cropped lower. This reminds me of this incident with David Williams, see here .

Nice find, Phil. Well, we already have a mental picture of Olly's whole dick anyway (see the uppermost pic), but the upper 4/5 just got better resolution.

If you think Phil is a no-good drunkard whose main mission in life is to be obsessed of Olly Barkely's dick, think again. He's actually a successful businessman- & a respected family man. Only respectable people are obsessed with Olly Barkely's dick.

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