Monday, November 8, 2010

DOG DAYS IN AUSTRALIA: Joel Monaghan of Canberra Raiders, NRL

What do I think of the NRL rugger Joel Monaghan who was photographed being blown by a dog? First, let's get to know the guy. Offhand, I must say, he's hot.


He's hot everywhere...

Here's how the Taiwanese animators interpreted the incident


Even the Canberra Raiders boss is hot...


It was reported Joel immediately went into "counselling" when the story broke out. Lol. Frankly, the Aussies are merely copying some of the more ridiculous aspects of American PR culture. When a pastor was caught being blown by a prostitute, he went into "counselling". When Tiger Woods was caught having extramarital relationships with some particularly tacky characters, he went into "rehabilitation". I'm not sure it's a PR master stroke that when one goes to counselling or rehabilitation, one will come out of it smelling brand new. Who's kidding who? Why not just be seen entering a church so that the PR consultant won't get a cut from the referral to the counsellor who most probably is a cousin of his wife? Anyway, enough of the tacky stuff, let's go to the, yes- hot stuff. What do I think of the incident? I think it's enough he said "sorry". The guy was drunk, for Godsakes, & you don't definitively judge a person's action without his full volition . Oops, that's the PR doubletalk. But, frankly, drunk or not, I have no problem with hot people having fetishes. They just get hotter. People who are too uptight to enjoy the pleasures of life are given too much leeway to fart. Morality changes, no need to wait for the slow ones to catch up.

So, all I can say now, Joel Monaghan is hot...

So is the Canberra Raiders boss...


  1. your site is a miracle of sexiness and fun -- i don't think i've laughed so hard (Joel Managhan post) in years -- keep up the wonderful work, you've obviously found and followed your bliss