Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Danny Care: Ready to Go All Out

Danny Care was the only one who removed his undies in the Rugby's Finest 2011 Calendar, the second time he did so after the Cosmo naked shot. Its obvious the guy is bent on marketing himself, he's a natural candidate for more exposure in Dieux du Stade 2012. The guy has too short legs for my taste but he may just be convinced to show it all. The base of his dick is almost a sure thing. Just throw in the prospect of a transfer to the bigger-paying Top 14, remove the almost from the last sentence...(searching for full-frontal candidates is almost like searching for a straight guy to solicit, you should know how to read personality profiles)

Rugby's Finest 2011


In the recent Afrikids event in London, he walked the ramp in his underwear. I think he's getting the hang of it. Underwear now, Full Frontal later.

Pre-show interview


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