Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GODS OF FOOTBALL: Riley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagles, NFL (Anatomical Study Of A Sexy Football Player In Full Uniform)

One thing with American athletes is we can't apply our usual minimum nudity criteria- we'll grow old waiting so we'll relax our rules especially for some of the really "ravishing" ones. Anyway, we're having the Top Dicks of the month in the next post, that's enough to compensate for the skin. Riley Cooper is sexy even in his football uniform (despite the helmets & the shoulder pads, may I add). He's one of the few athletes who are jack off-worthy fully-clothed. This post can be subtitled as an Anatomical Study of a Sexy Football Player in Full Uniform. We chose the sexiest poses of Riley in action from all angles, zooming for a greater detail of the really delicious parts. 6'3", 220 lbs., the 23 year-old bombshell is breakfast, lunch, dinner & midnight snack.

celebrating straight boy Riley:

cute everything

college highlights

sexy even when throwing up

Top Dicks, November, 2010

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