Saturday, October 16, 2010


How to detect a possible full-frontal artist in the future? Let's look at the profiles of past naked athletes to see how future athletes may fit in.

1. Thom Evans-

He was a stand-out Rugby player in school but instead of heading directly to professional Rugby, he tried showbiz first by joining a Scot pop band. That gives you a clue to his real priorities. He eventually ended up in competition Rugby when his musical career failed to take off. I doubt if he would've consented to cock-level shots if the photographer didn't have a Hollywood-connection bragging right. The word "Hollywood" awakened the old passions & a part of his psyche wanted to please, he probably relished being in the position of a "Beyonce or J Lo", like he innocently babbled in the DVD itself, gushing about the works of the photographer on those artists. A photographer is just a minor character in the Hollywood pecking order but the power of being associated with somebody associated with somebody in Hollywood always works with a dreamer from a far-from-happening place like Scotland.
Ergo, look for a dreamer

2. Iwo Kitzinger

Iwo is in a daring mood nowadays. For one who was naturally restive (how many changed their names at 17?), that's saying a lot. Since the hassle with the police in Spain, he's been virtually shopping teams every year. His semi-nude modelling photoshoots raised heckles on his sexuality in Poland but he upped the ante instead- vintage Dennis Rodman, the more they criticized him, the more he grossed out his critics. Will he change his name a third time- what, Denniski Rodmanzi?
Ergo, look for the rebel of whatever cause

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