Thursday, October 28, 2010

GODS OF SKIING: Carlo Janka of Switzerland

Zurich is memorable for me because it was in liberal Langstrasse where I entered my first gay bathhouse. Far from anybody who knows me, safe, but very near the good-looking straight Swiss teenagers hanging out with their girl-friends in nearby Helvetia park. I was not sure then if I really wanted it because I was pretty sure there'd be no straight man there. There were, the Arab-looking staff. But though the crowd was the masculine leather-loving type (I saw no effeminate clients), as I removed my clothes, I could see my dick shriveled & not expecting any stimulation at all. I just walked through the dark corridors & it was in those dark corridors where I decided once & for all: not with my "sisters".

It wasn't all soul-searching in Zurich. I tasted a couple of straight Swiss boys then before I went home (the most expensive up to then, but I was too glad to forget the bathhouse episode I could have bitten any price). Not with a big celebrity like Carlo Janka, the Alpine skiing champion, but, I'm sure, just as big in the more important category. Zurich is just a small town, & it's not comfortable hunting straight guys in places where there are more buildings than people. But if you hook one, it's worth the effort. Hot guys are specially delicious in cold Switzerland.

Carlo won the Gold Medal in the Giant Slalom in the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. At the World Cup finals in Garmisch, Germany last March, he snatched the World Cup overall champion title by winning the downhill & the giant slalom.

Carlo's profile here

the piece de resistance... so far....

celebrating straight boy Carlo:

Val d'Isere- first ever Gold Medal, 2008

Version Olympica

Wengen 2010


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