Saturday, October 30, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Morgan Parra of Clermont Auvergne, Top 14

2010 was so dominated by the audacity of Thom Evans that practically some of the great-looking ones who were modest in sharing their assets were not noticed at all. If you need any proof that full-frontal nudity is what Dieux du Stade is all about, it's that. Morgan Parra is sort of a legend in French Rugby: he was a professional when he was 18, a member of the French national team when he was 19. Plus he has one of the best butts anywhere. He did show his butt a lot in DDS 2010 & that would've been enough. The irony was, he showed far more, almost everything, but it wasn't even picked up in the grapevine. Because people are now more attentive to the scans published in the web- if it's not in any blog, it doesn't exist. The DVD film has followed the same structure through the years & the deja vu feeling make people just rush through it & hope, the delicious bits will be discovered by somebody. Lucky for you, we picked it up. Yes, the great Parra showed a great part of his big dick & he deserved to be celebrated for it. I don't think he consented to do it only to be whispered in some old ladies' crocheting club. We're now declaring then, this hot 5'11" 21 year-old is delicious everywhere in his anatomy...

celebrating sexy straight boy Morgan:



DDS 2010 clip


To keep the French mood while imagining delicious things about Morgan Parra:

Les Separes- Benjamin Biolay

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