Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Andrew Welsh, The Return

I received a rather thought-provoking email from an Aussie reader who has become close to me because of his frequent feedbacks. Did I know that this blog is now the biggest sports blog in Australia, hetero or gay, beefcake or not? Not really, it's news to me. What I've been informed, it's now one of the fastest-rising sites in the American blogosphere though it has been in regular publication only since December, 2009 (erratic before that) & on daily basis only for a little over a month now, because an American reader is mindful of those things & informs us regularly... unbidden. According to Sam, we're growing an average of 70% every month & we're ranked higher than some famous five-year old blogs & not too far behind particularly in the gay blogsphere. I never checked his data. I know traffic is based on pageviews, not on actual number of visitors, & a new blog has fewer contents to be linked to the search engines. Besides I don't follow advise by friends, who are experts in web marketing, to make it more traffic-friendly. I use this blog as more or less only a sort of network tool with my friends who share my exclusive interest on straight men, particularly sportsmen. If people want to participate, I do appreciate it, it means people appreciate the delicious things with me, & that's what life is supposed to be.

There was an addendum to the email of my Aussie friend: I've been featuring comprehensive scans on the Dieux du Stade guys, but it seemed I've been "scrimping" with regards to the Aussie ruggers. Point taken. So, immediately, we present here the scans of Andrew Welsh's appearance in Gods of Football 2009. His delicious stats: Height: 189cm, Weight: 87kg, Date of birth: 11/2/1983

celebrating sexy straight Andrew with a delicious butt:



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