Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Adrien Blot of Stade Francais, France

Inasmuch as the more famous, & older, ones didn't particularly sizzle this year- some you've seen so many times you're really tired of their faces (I call this the Sergio Parisse effect, from the Italo-Argentinian who thankfully wasn't included this year, though the Bergamasco brothers were surprisingly the exception- Marco was actually delicious this time), & some whose sudden pretension to modesty really dampened all the thrill-, I discovered it's actually more fun focusing on the younger ones this year. For one, they remind me of my frequent encounters with straight men, who are mostly their age. At least, there's empathy there. If Eliott Coti & Hughes Briatte remind me of Punta del Este, the butt of Adrien reminds me of his compatriot Renaud, the 21 year-old guy from Paris who was introduced to me by my French friend Yves (those who read this blog frequently know Renaud). Renaud is delicious, so must Adrien be. Lol.

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