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We're talking of history here- personal sexual history. The Norwegian Ice Hockey player, who played for Montreal Canadiens at one time, play a major part in my sexual history. It was when I first saw his full-frontal photos not even a decade ago that I realized I could be sexually attracted to a man. First sexual attraction never really dies- in fact, tall, lean but muscled guys in the mold of Jarl Espen Ygranes have dominated the straight guys I solicit to have sex with. You could also say he's the etiology (in medical terms) of my fascination with the "full-frontal nudity" of athletes. I've been meaning to feature him a long time ago but I took my time waiting for the right moment. Suddenly, I just felt it would be today.

The last photo below where Jarl finally did an in-your-face full frontal nudity, is for me the classic photo of the genre. Also below is an interview with him by a Norwegian news site (with Google translation provided), which will give insights on the circumstances sorrounding a full-frontal photoshoot with an athlete.

From Aftenposten ( published in 2005)

Google translation from Norwegian

Dress is not naked anymore

Shells rained down on the words Vålerenga Jarl Espen Ygranes. Nude pictures taken in 2000, is still not forgotten. Now he refuses to strip naked - for both audience and opponents.

- The idea was to take pictures that would be promoted to modeling agencies.Intimate body parts should not appear. There was a clear agreement I had with the photographer. Gradually, the pictures showed up here and there. Among other things, a website created in my name, where nude pictures were published. I have done everything to stop these images. So far it has been difficult, "said Ygranes. The pictures were taken five years ago. Now the hockey player joined the Agency Team Models. He will work as a serious model, and has also had assignments for the Norwegian reservoirs Mann, Fjords, KK and Mag .- I hope they småpornografiske images are removed once and for all. I know that my agency works with lawyers to bring an end to them. I want to mute all the board so that the sport is not going completely in the shade, "he said.
Much shut up.
To show nudity and work as a model in a masculine environment hockey, has not gone unnoticed. Opponents have used the public Ygranes' model work for all what it is verdt.Verbal beating it been called .- They have called all the words you can not press in the newspaper Aftenposten, "he says and smiles. - Also, the word gay has been used widely. But I can at all stress is incorrect. I am a partner with the world's best girl. - What about your teammates in Vålerenga. How have you been treated by them - no problem. I heard a little at first, and see that they follow some extra attention to what I have on my clothes, but it's just funny. It is a very good club to play for, "said 26-year-old, who comes from Høybråten.
Will the final.
Mother is his club Furuset. After a stay in Fresh / Asker, where he made it to the Norwegian champion, he came to Vålerenga for three seasons ago. The 188 cm tall and physically strong hockey player, together with the team out in the first semifinal duel away from home against the star of the evening. Vålerenga is soaring favorites. - We should definitely turn the Star for three straight games. We are basically a much better team, "said han.Ygranes has one year left on contract with the VIF, and has future plans klare.Mannen who love knowledge and quiz games in his spare time, hoping for a degree in film or TV, and is ready for some good years on the hockey pitch. Moreover, some model projects - with fabrics on.

celebrating sexy straight Jarl:

one of my fetishes again- I love watching sexy straight men in a fight

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  1. They are great photos. He's a natural at posing and looks good nude. Who cares about the full nudity these days. It's no longer that taboo. Still, privacy and agreements should be respected. I doubt it will hurt him professionally.

    He is a good looking guy.