Saturday, October 2, 2010

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: The Legend of Adil Rami & A Deliciously Insufficient Tiny Cloth

I can safely say LOSC soccer player Adil Rami is the one who stood out for me the most among the DDS 2011 guys. Not only because I have fond memories of straight Moroccan boys in Marrakesh. When I was making the first post about him (see here ), some shots of his bulge gave me pause & made me, shall we say, terribly curious. I was nursing a hangover in Punta del Este, the resort in nearby Uruguay, where me & my friends have decamped since early this week, when I received a long-distance call from my tranny aide (the researcher) telling me that they just posted a picture showing Adil's dick (see here ). Shall we say, as if I was lifted with excitement when I opened the blog. I promised my two assistants I'll give them a bonus.

Below is a reenactment of my emotional passage from curiosity to exhilaration: just look at those bulges in the top two photos, then click twice on the third photo ... now you know what gave rise to those bulges.

In effect, right there, you see what Dieux du Stade is really all about all along...

click to enlarge the pics for maximum effects

Don't you love tiny cloths?

Adil Rami's dick is big & circumcised...

alternate titles of this post:
1) The Uncovering of A Bomb Secret
2) The Legend of the Suddenly Unmysterious Bulge

Full Frontal Nudity in Dieux du Stade 2011: here & here

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