Sunday, October 10, 2010

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: Iwo Kitzinger, Poland's Dennis Rodman & James Bond (THE EIGHT DICK)

Dennis Rodman was, of course, the controversial NBA superstar well-known for his tatooes & lack of inhibition in showing his cock. Iwo is known as Poland's Dennis Rodman in his homeland because of his tattoes & for posing semi-nude for a modelling photoshoot. Little did they know Iwo was bent on following his idol & go all the way.

He's also known as James Bond because he's a real mystery. He was born as Marcin Kosinski but changed his name to Iwo when he was 17. When asked why, he would just reply it's not yet time to say. He has been controversial lately: first, he was arrested in Spain after an altercation with the local police. He has been in a game of musical chairs with various teams in Poland. When he posed for DDS early this year, he was still with Sopot. He's now with another team, Asseco, after only a year with Sopot, where he transferred after being fired from yet another tean. A lost personality in flux? Daring fate to gain control? He sees modelling only as a hobby because he says he can't give his 100% which he's willing to give only to basketball. But he certainly doesn't hedge his bets.

Lucky for us. I have that instinct again that Iwo will certainly have more full-frontals in store in Francois Rousseau's book. I featured him before (link below ) & I asked if he'll go full-frontal. He did. Thankfully. At least, as regards to his big dick, it's no longer a James Bond mystery. He's now a full-pledged Dennis Rodman, tattooes & dick, all out there finally.

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(UPDATE: I finally saw the DVD, it turns out the photos we published were better, at least you saw a cock. I'll do my review after I got over from my excitement seeing Adil's & Iwo's dicks. But indeed, we're just getting crumbs. Strictly speaking, only Iwo Kitzinger did a volitional full-frontal in the Calendar, the others were accidental in the stills, blurred altogether in the DVD)

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