Monday, October 4, 2010

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: The Sixth Dick (MORE! MORE!)

Benjamin Bouhy (Lyon) & Alexandre Dumouin (Bourgoin)

click to enlarge this one, there's the 6th dick of DDS 2011 (Benjamin Bouhy)

UPDATE: I guess everybody is counting dicks, including a girl reader, would you believe? All these new photos came from a German girl, Helga, who titled her email- I got 5 more dicks for you!
Tomorrow, we'll feature the Seventh Dick...
Just to remind everybody, here are the first six:
1. Alexis Palisson, Rugby
2. Armand Battle, Rugby
3. Adil Rami, Soccer
4. Lucas Dupont, Rugby
5. Flavien Basson, Pole Vault
6. Benjamin Bouhy, Rugby
all their dick photos are found in the blog ( click DIEUX DU STADE folder)

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