Saturday, October 9, 2010

Délicieux Du Stade, 2007-2011: SEAN, DAVID, THOM et ADIL

Adil Rami, Dieux du Stade 2011

It's ok, Dieux du Stade 2011 isn't a dud. As we predicted, the color would be glorious: it is. Finally, the modern look for Nude Sport Photography has arrived, there's a new standard. Looking at some photos (we're releasing the photos released only by the company just yet so as not to jeopardize their sales), I couldn't help but marvel. I instantly almost got over my initial disappointment with the tameness of the calendar. Most of all, seeing Adil Rami's dick sealed it. In a previous article, I mentioned if only 4 of the 11 players I've enumerated did full-frontals, it would be a masterpiece (see here ).
(UPDATE: I finally saw the DVD, it turns out the photos we published were better, at least you saw a cock. I'll do my review after I got over from my excitement seeing Adil's & Iwo's dicks)
Just before we left Punta del Este, we made a votation on who among the Dieux du Stade 2011 guys was the hottest. Four Americans, three Argentinians: the score- it is indeed the year of the French: 6- Adil Rami; 1- Gonzalo Tiesi. Alexis Palisson eventually didn't make the grade, he's short, only 5'9".

Adil Rami just joined the ranks of the great frontal acts of Sport Nudity history.

Thom Evans, Dieux du Stade 2010

David Williams, Gods of Football 2009

Sean Lamont, Dieux du Stade 2007

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