Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BENJAMIN BOUHY: Why Didn't He Just Show The Whole Thing ? (POURQUOI? POURQUOI?)

The truth is, after watching the lame DVD, I've moved on. But the good thing about this blog is so many want to contribute it has become a sort of community-we received an email yesterday which caught my attention. From Lyon, apparently a fan of Benjamin Bouhy. She, a girl, sent a cropped calendar photo plus some photos which apparently came from his Facebook account. She wrote: criticize (she used the French word critiquer ) Benjamin why he didn't just show his cock, anyway it's big, he could have been the star of the calendar & not Kitzinger (Iwo). Why indeed? People may just think as a result he's ashamed because he's got a small dick. But the readers of this blog know Benjamin is big because we have the proofs, he can give a run to Iwo Kitzinger's bazooka.

I decided it's a good idea to make way for the remonstrations of a sulking but apparently smitten girl. Girls have joined this blog lately, & you know what, I have another fetish- straight guys being admired, especially pursued by girls, are hot. That may explain partly my fascination with famous athletes. You could feel the testosterone sizzle when they shriek at a particularly hot straight idol who seems to to inflate with the attention (I love doing, most of all, a double vag with a hot dude, especially if it's his girl friend- copulation is supposed to be a meeting of sex organs & what is hotter than fucking a heterosexual dick fucking the natural object of its passions- the vagina of the one he loves). The girl from Lyon just made Benjamin Bouhy infinitely hotter.

From the calendar:

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