Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Actually, Olly Barkley Did A Full-Frontal Too

As it always turns out, the most diligent always gets the bacon- in this case, the sausage. It seems everybody wants to join the fun. I received an email from a reader from England. No, it's not the mother of Olly Barkley but definitely a fan, from Portsmouth (what, the fans of the bankrupt soccer team now into Rugby?). Now it can be told, it's not true Olly Barkley didn't show his whole dickhead in Dieux du Stade 2010. He showed the whole thing. You read it right, it turns out it's just a matter of diligent scanning.

As it turns out, the famous scans circulating in the Web stopped just a split-second too early ( see here ). Tony Duran moved his shoulder just so as he raised the camera to reveal the prize- Mr. Barkley's whole dickhead. Now, we have a mental picture of the whole thing. Only in this blog. LOL (Thanks, Phil, though you sent too small pics, the resolutions can't be helped by my tranny aide's amateur photoshopping. Anyway, welcome to the club of men who love dicks of straight men. Like us, you must find it delicious, if not, what for is the incredible tenacity?).

Below is a frame-by-frame account of the "scientific" investigation done by Phil (starting with the hitherto available photo in the Web):

here, just a small portion of the head is blocked :

As Duran raised the camera, the head came into full view:

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