Saturday, October 23, 2010

Actually Nikola Karabatic Did A Full Frontal Too

The scans you've seen so far in this site were either sent by some avid reader or done by my researcher. It made me curious, was something missed? This was my first attempt to do a scan & I hit the jackpot- my current crush, Nikola Karabatic, actually did a full frontal in DDS 2009 & his big dick was there all along & nobody has seen it.

We'll do it in a more delicious way. First, let's try the aperitifs before we go to the main course.

From the side:

From the front:

Get ready...

Take a deep breath...



celebrating sexy straight Nikola:

having fun with teammates 1

Having Fun 2

Travolta wannabe

Just Among Friends

1 comment:

  1. Not so big cock... but really big - balls (bearing in mind that he is 1.96m = 6'4")!
    I am amazed, thank you for that picture